and beyond....

Who ever imagined this?!  Stay connected to us and to each other.  Reach out through your social media (whoever thought I'd promote this!).  We will reach out to you via, Remind, Canvas, online Zoom meetings and once we return together, we will sing and celebrate for JOY!  God bless you all and stay well and safe!


None of us planned for another week off.  The threat was somewhere else, something we read about and heard about.  Then the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was closed and things got real.  Another week away from students and classes and learning and preparation, etc., will definitely take a toll on future events such as Pre-UIL concert, clinics, UIL contest, spring trips, and personal ventures (for me, my wife's participation in the Boston Marathon).  We simply do not know at this date (Friday, March 13).  When we do, you'll be the first to know.

I urge you and your families to take the long view and recognize that the health of our community members--our homes and families, our school groups, and city and region are vastly more important than a contest.  There will be many more concerts, many more rehearsals.  Flexibility is the key now.  Keep each other in prayer and use all the good sense preventative protocols to ensure your own health and safety, as well that of others.

Mr. Carruth and I will be talking this weekend about ways to continue our preparation and learning at a distance via online materials and will communicate that to you very soon.  We can't simply do nothing at all next week. You can be reviewing your music, even if you didn't take it home with you.  Google it, YouTube it and keep it fresh in your ears.

We are sending prayers and karma, smoke signals heavenward, whatever it takes.  Be well and be safe!


STAY TUNED.  WE ARE WORKING ON SOLUTIONS FOR THIS CANCELED TRIP.  We are fully aware of restrictions and cancelations for school activities, competitions and trips due to the spread of the coronavirus disease and the community's efforts to stop its effects.  We are also at this time in conversation with district officials and tour company as to the feasibility of this trip going forward.  At the moment, no changes are planned.  As situations change daily, the trip may also be adversely affected.  The moment we know, you will be notified.  For now, carry on and stay well.


Benefit the Taylor Choir at the same time!




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